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Alexander Design: An Innovative Full Service Firm Inspired by Lifestyle

Alexander Design: An Innovative Full Service Firm Inspired by Lifestyle

Every month we add new content to our blog to help keep our audience informed. This month we are focusing on women who make waves in the interior design industry. This entry is dedicated to the interior designer: Vanessa Alexander of Alexander Design.

Alexander Design is unique. It is a full-service firm that specializes in seamless concept to move-in solutions for spaces that range from residential homes to select special projects. Alexander Design is the brainchild of Vanessa Alexander. The firm employs an innovative and holistic approach to interior design informed by the client’s needs and lifestyle. It is truly couture interior design.

Malibu Cove – Photo courtesy of Alexander Design

Vanessa Alexander: A Life in Studying Art and Aesthetics

Vanessa Alexander began traveling the world at an early age. She thrived on adventure, exploration, and experiential education. Her mother’s deep understanding of aesthetics and passion for art collecting taught Alexander the power that art and aesthetics have. Alexander’s travels and her mother’s influence laid the foundation for what would become Alexander Design.

Photo courtesy of Alexander Design

Alexander went on to work in the entertainment industry for several years. It is during this time when she met her husband. Alexander realized her new family was an opportunity to refocus her energy — it was time to redefine her goals and what she wanted to achieve.

Alexander began her journey in interior design, in earnest, with her own family. With her seemingly nascent talent and vision for interior design coming into bloom, Alexander began taking on a few private projects for friends and select high-level clients.

And with that, Alexander Design was born.

Much like Alexander Design is a full-service interior design firm that offers its clients solutions “from concept to move in,” Alexander Design has been fully seen through from concept to “move in.” Alexander Design began as a project born out of necessity for Vanessa Alexander’s own family. And the firm is now, in its own words, a “multifaceted firm with residential, creative, hospitality and retail projects from California to New York, Miami and beyond.”

So let’s take a look at some of what Alexander Design does.

Malibu Farm – Photo courtsey of Alexander Design

Your Space, Defined by Your Lifestyle

Selfridge – Photo courtesy of Alexander Design

Alexander Design employs a style that tempers contemporary design language with custom and vintage pieces from various periods. And whether serving a person, family, or business, the team behind Alexander Design draws inspiration for its design work directly from the client. Your work, your passions, the way you move, the colors you code your life with… everything that makes you “you” is the groundwork for Alexander Design.

Serra Barn – Photo courtesy of Alexander Design

Alexander Design uses design to truly complement the client’s lifestyle. This approach affords the firm a unique and intimate understanding of the client that informs the design process. The firm states, “We draw influence first and foremost from context and surroundings.  We are inspired by the way that our clients live or want to live, by light both natural and curated, and by the rhythm and flow of space.” And that is how Alexander Design imbues its work with such deeply resonant emotional truth.

You can stay up to date on everything Alexander Design is doing by visiting their website and following them on Instagram and Pinterest.

Carmelina – Photo courtesy of Alexander Design
Serra Barn – Photo courtesy of Alexander Design
Serra Barn – Photo courtesy of Alexander Design



Juliette Hohnen

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