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An Introduction to Gil Valenzuela – Interior Designer & World Traveler

An Introduction to Gil Valenzuela – Interior Designer & World Traveler

As realtors, we have a special appreciation and reverence for the people who are able to breathe life into a space. It isn’t easy to walk into an empty room and know exactly what needs to be done to make it sing.

Enter: Gil Valenzuela — world traveler, bon vivant, aesthete, and interior designer (luckily for all of us). Valenzuela imbues his work with the essence of his clients and his world travels. His design language can be at once rustic and undeniably refined.

Gil Valenzuela’s “passion and flair for design” comes from “an international upbringing spanning three continents.” Valenzuela was born in London to Cuban parents and was raised in Milan and Havana. He has also lived in Barcelona, Colombia, Miami, San Francisco, and now Los Angeles. And we cannot begin to tell you how proud we are to count him as a fellow Angeleno. Valenzuela received his formal training at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and earned his degree with an emphasis on interior design.

He owned and operated a contracting and design firm for nearly ten years before entering the next stage of his career. Valenzuela now exclusively handles commercial and residential interior design contracts. But, in addition to his interior design services, clients can now enjoy an “à la carte” experience in the form of his custom furnishings. Furniture, lighting, and built-in cabinetry are some of the custom home furnishings available to clients who are looking to for either a small taste or a finishing touch by Gil Valenzuela.

Gil Valenzuela’s work can be seen as a mix of contemporary, and classical design elements from around the world filtered through his unique vision. Valenzuela balances the vintage and the modern, with his clients’ needs and tastes firmly at the center of that equation.

From houses, to apartment complexes, to commercial locations — Valenzuela has blessed countless spaces with his talent. Indeed, Valenzuela’s design work can be executed on the boutique level or scaled up to grander heights.

Let’s look into what makes Gil Valenzuela’s work so compelling.

Hoawaa House Maui

Hoawaa House Maui – Image Courtesy of Gil Valenzuela

One of Gil Valenzuela’s most endearing qualities is his sense of playfulness. His choices demonstrate a levity and an appreciation for character-driven and deeply specific pieces. E.g., Valenzuela’s interior design work for the Hoawaa House Maui. We love the way Valenzuela tempers the room’s modern, sleek, and sophisticated design with the bright red wireframe chair with vintage Hawaiian print. It’s a subtle and tasteful nod to the vintage “Blue Hawaii” style without feeling like a tiki bar. It’s a splash of color and character that adds an essential accent to an unassumingly stately space.

Glencairn Residence

Glencairn Residence – Image Courtesy of Gil Valenzuela

Gil Valenzuela’s work for the Glencairn Residence is another great example of his unique flair for melding styles within larger motifs. The above images show off Valenzuela’s mastery of geometry and expert’s sense of space. The image on the left shows a strong and stark use of negative space that further accentuates Valenzuela’s signature splashes of color. It’s thoroughly modern without taking itself too seriously. The image on the right, from the same home, has a totally different character. While similarly spartan, this room is filled in comparison to the image on the left. That gives it a warm, cozy, and inviting nature that doesn’t come at the cost of sophistication. Valenzuela’s sense of balance within a space is on full display here; with sparing and discerning choices he is able to “fill” a room with character, but not clutter.

The below image, also from the Glencairn Residence, is an example of Valenzuela’s ability to find wide yet complementary themes within a larger idea. We see another study of geometry and space, this time exploring the evocative power of texture. Note how the stone and brick of the fireplace harmonize with the different wooden textures of the shelving.

Glencairn Residence – Image Courtesy of Gil Valenzuela

Los Feliz Pool House

Los Feliz Pool House – Image Courtesy of Gil Valenzuela

Gil Valenzuela’s work for this Los Feliz Pool House shows off the effortless brilliance of a master-of-his-craft having fun with his inspiration. We see a classical artistic representation of repetition, achieved with truly mixed media. A strong narrative thread celebrating nature runs from the outside of the home through the inside. This choice honors and enhances the airy and open layout of the property, topping off the pool house experience.

If it isn’t clear by now, we are massive fans of Gil Valenzuela. He is a virtuoso who enjoys and revels in what he does for a living. What more could you ask for in your interior designer?

You can visit Gil Valenzuela online at his websiteFacebook Page, and Instagram Page.


Juliette Hohnen

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