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Best Skincare Facial Masks

Best Skincare Facial Masks

When we mention any sort of mask these days, people automatically assume we are talking about face masks that protect us from coronavirus.  But just because we’re hiding our faces behind masks doesn’t mean that we have to neglect the skin underneath! And endless days at home mean plenty of time to work on skincare, so I asked Juliette Hohnen & Associates’ own Erica DeBear, Realtor extraordinaire and skincare guru, for her favorite facial masks.

Here are Erica’s top 3 masks:

For clearing skin when I feel like I’m breaking out:

Aztec Clay: A classic but still the best, Aztec Clay, it comes in powder form and you can mix it with water or apple cider vinegar (my preference). It will leave you a little red because of how strongly it pulls debris from your pores- I also like to add essential oils to it (grapeseed or lavender oil): Click here to buy

My favorite hydrating mask:

Water Sleeping Mask: This is nice to leave on your face for a few hours while working or leave it on all night while sleeping with actives or serums underneath. After you rinse it off your skin will feel super hydrated. Click here to buy

My all-time favorite sheet mask:

Snail-Bee High Content Mask: I used to use these before I would go out or before a big event (I used one the morning of my wedding). It plumps up your skin and leaves you super glowy. Also because a sheet mask it’s easy to leave on while doing other tasks around the house. Click here to buy


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