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Charming Cottage Gardens

Charming Cottage Gardens

A cottage garden invites you to sit and stay a while.  Full of charm, whimsy, and color, the happy clutter of gorgeous cottage gardens is a welcome addition to any home.  Start planning now so that you can have a delightful cottage garden ready for the spring! Here are several elements to consider when planning your cottage garden.

Fences and Gates

Originally, flower gardens were kept close to the home, and fencing was needed to keep livestock away from the colorful foliage.  A fence helps provide order and structure for the sprawling plants and vines.  Take, for example, this lovely fence and gate at 11531 Orum Drive.  The ivy adds drama and interest, as well as privacy, to the fence wall, while the bright flowers welcome visitors at the gate door.  You can see more photos of the gorgeous gardens at this estate by clicking here.


Paths invite visitors to meander through the cottage garden, to linger a while and to explore.  Walkways are meant to connect visitors from one part of the garden to the next. Paths can be informal or structured with pavers or other elements.  The beautiful paths at this gorgeous hillside villa estate lead you from the driveway, to the garden, and on to other parts.


There are several traditional plants, like hollyhocks, that come to mind when you think of cottage gardens.  You’ll want to consider where you live when choosing plants.  Consider texture and shape when choosing plants, and arrange the foliage with tall plants in the back and shorter ground covering, in the front of the bed.


Every charming cottage garden needs some type of lattice structure!  It can range from a wall to a pergola to anything you desire to create.  This simple element provides a structure for vines to climb on, as well as adding a bit of height and structure to the garden.  The gardens in the English cottage pictured above are full of lattice and other decorative objects.  They are sure to inspire you to create your own cottage garden.

Decorative Objects

Use decorative objects to accent your cottage garden.  Bird baths, fountains, and sun dials are all popular choices.  Choose items that suit your style and personality!

With a little planning, you can create a charming cottage garden that will enhance the beauty of your home!


Juliette Hohnen

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