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Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

The connected home has become an important feature of real estate as more people work from home or simply seek to make their lives easier to manage.  A smart speaker digital voice assistant that can turn music on or off in your home, control temperature settings, turn on lights, and provide traffic info has been described as a “remote control for your life.”

Amazon Echo has been the dominant product in the home technology market until now.  Google recently introduced Google Home, which will be available November 4th.  How do the two products compare, and which is the best fit for you?  Here are some specs for you to consider.


Google Home retails for $130.  Amazon Echo is priced at $180.


Both Google Home and Amazon Echo respond to voice commands and both are always listening.  One wakes when it hears “Okay Google” while the other responds to either “Alexa”, “Echo”, or “Amazon”.

Music Streaming Options

Both products offers multiple options including YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and  IHeartRadio.  Google Home includes Google Play Music, while Amazon Echo offers Amazon Prime Music.

Appearance and Output

Google Home has a slight edge in this area, offering customized appearance and Chromecast, which allows output to your stereo system.  Amazon Echo is not customizable, and stereo output is only available with Amazon Dot.

Personal Assistant

Both products can  add items to your calendar, make a shopping or to do list, track packages, and  check flight status.  Google Home offers a bit more with the ability to search Google, to check traffic, and even give a personalized daily briefing.

While Google Home has raised the bar on what services are available with a voice activated speaker, Amazon Echo is sure to put up a fight to retain its hold at the top of this market.  Home owners will be the ones to benefit as new features will surely be added to both devices as the two giants compete.


Juliette Hohnen

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