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Hohnen Hacks | Save Money and The Environment

Hohnen Hacks | Save Money and The Environment

4 tips I’ve gathered from my experiences with real estate, home-owning in Los Angeles, and home renovation. Here’s how you can save money and be sustainable with your home.

  1. Kurapia grass:
    If you are looking to save money on water and help the environment, but still want he look of a “lawn,” try Kurapia. It’s drought tolerant, fireproof, and requires very little water (needs to be watered only once a week apparently), while also looking very pretty (little white flowers pop out when in season). Perfect for our Los Angeles climate!

  2. Source tiles locally:
    For some masterfully crafted and local tiles, try Filmore Clark on La Cienega.

    IMG SRC | http://www.filmoreclark.com/project/maple-jude/


  3. Charge during off-peak hours:

    To save money and help lower the electricity consumption in your area, charge your car during off-peak hours. For Los Angeles, electricity is overall cheaper during late at night or early in the morning.

  4. Protect natural surfaces:
    TuffSkin: Strong yet thin film that seamlessly goes on surfaces like countertops and marble showers to prevent staining.
IMG SRC | https://www.tuffskin.com/projects/38-hgtv-s-melissa-amos-residence

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