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Interior Design Trends of 2018

We are more than halfway through 2018 so it’s a great time to discuss the hottest interior design trends of the year.

As a realtor, I obviously see the interiors of a lot of homes. I’m always looking at who’s doing what and gathering new ideas to share with friends, colleagues and most importantly my clients.

Here are some of the trends I have seen since the clock struck midnight into 2018:

1. Arches: Curvy windows and arched doorways are all the rage. I’m seeing them consistently these days and I definitely love it!

2. Chrome: It’s always been a go-to, but lately it has taken a backseat to brass. I am seeing more and more of clean and shiny chrome accents in many homes I visit lately so it’s definitely trending.

3. Artistic Wallpaper: From geometrics to floral prints, the wallpaper craze is on! Long gone are the days of stuffy floral prints from the 70s, you can find fun, gorgeous options everywhere, from Anthropologie to local boutiques, like my favorite Walnut Wallpaper.

4. Gelato Colors: These are colors you want to eat and almost cool you off just by looking at them. Pink walls, lime-green accents. Makes me wonder if the ice cream museum had any influence on this?

5. Embellishments: Handmade blankets, throws, and pillows with added feathers, fringe, macrame or tufting seem to be everywhere right now, adding an extra bit of texture and comfort to every room imaginable.

6. Cement Tiling: An affordable trend, the look of stone is a solid choice for a bathroom, literally unbreakable and also wont break the bank.

7. Geometric Tables: These tables are an easy way to add a modern element that goes well with almost every interior design style. They are functional and visually striking, what’s not to love?

Those are just a few of the trends I have been spotting on a daily basis. I’m sure I will have many more amazing ideas to share before the year ends.


Juliette Hohnen

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