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Juliette’s Top 6 Sushi Spots in Los Angeles

Juliette’s Top 6 Sushi Spots in Los Angeles

According to the late Anthony Bourdain, never eat sushi on a Monday. He claimed that unless he knew the chef and the restaurant well, you’re likely eating 4 to 5 day old raw fish. So, since today is Tuesday, I’m celebrating and having sushi at one of my favorite spots in L.A.

Here lies the problem – I have a lot of favorite sushi spots – so many that if it wasn’t for the Bourdain’s advice and the fact I would have mercury flowing through my veins – I’d be able to eat it every day at a new spot worth raving on Yelp about.

In honor of the cities plethora of excellent sushi spots, I will share with you my top 6 favorites – just don’t ever go on a Monday:

1. Little Itzikaya – Sherman Oaks

2. Shu – Beverly Glen

3. Mtn – Venice

4. Shima – Venice

5. Nobu – Malibu

6. Asanebo – Studio City


Juliette Hohnen

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