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Kin Travel — Conscientious Expeditions

Kin Travel — Conscientious Expeditions

Imagine going on a fab holiday and finding out it was also helping the environment and inhabitants that you were visiting. Anyone who knows me know I LOVE to travel as my saying goes “Holidays, Handbags and Houses!” Enter Kin Travel. Kin Travel disrupts and redefines the notion of “vacation.”

Kin Travel is a company inspired by safari and committed to sustainability. Every trip is built around the country and local community you are visiting. And every trip’s focus is on building up the local economy, education system, and ecology.

Activists Abroad

Photo Courtesy of Kin Travel.

Kin Travel makes vacationing more of an ethical adventure, a form of activism via exploring the world. For example, 15% of profits earned by Kin Travel experiences are invested in social enterprises — the ones needed most by each community Kin Travel focuses on.

When you book a vacation with Kin Travel, you are embarking on a journey. You aren’t simply boarding a plane, going to another place, and setting your bags in a hotel that could be anywhere. No. Kin Travel offers highly specific and curated adventures. And each adventure is a week-long all-inclusive exploration.

Kin Travel’s current itinerary focuses on Haiti for its “Winter Trips 2018.” This specific adventure is called “Sailing Safari Haiti” and there are two trips available: February 14th through the 19th, and the 22nd through the 27th.

Let’s look at Kin Travel’s current getaway to Haiti to get a taste of what this is all about.

Sailing Safari Haiti

Photo Courtesy of Balance Haiti.

Kin Travel’s current Sailing Safari is, “a journey to the hidden paradise of Haiti’s north coast in a candle-lit safari camp on a 150-acre beach property with a 62′ sailboat called Balance.”
It all begins when you touch down at the Cap-Haïtien International Airport, Haiti. You will be greeted by local musicians serenading you on the tarmac. Upon leaving the airport you will be met by the Kin team with some local Prestige brand beer in-hand. And then a taxi-boat will bring you on your way to paradise.

This is when you will begin to fully appreciate how breathtakingly beautiful Haiti really is.

The next five days will see you camping in luxurious tents, sailing on the Balance, and exploring various islands and coves off the coast of Cap-Haïtien.

But this voyage is more than a vacation. You will meet the local people. You will get to know them. You will see their struggles. You will learn about their hardships. And you will discover that despite all that, the people there hold such joy and happiness in their hearts.

This is where the true magic of Kin Travel comes into play.

A New Kind of Vacation

Photo Courtesy of Kin Travel.

You aren’t just on holiday here. You are expanding your horizons. You are learning about different ways of life. And, most importantly, your money is going directly to the community you are visiting. This is done through Kin Travel’s “Kin Impact Fund.”

As said earlier, 15% of Kin Travel profit goes back to the local community in various ways.

This current trip supports three key aspects of Haiti: Economy, education, and ecology.

Economy: This trip will help foster Haitian artisan entrepreneurship by donating funds to the Haiti Design Co.

Education: Proceeds will also go to school improvement and teacher training with funds being donated to ProDev Haiti.

Ecology: Your money will go toward preserving Port Français by establishing solar power energy and ensuring the water remains clean.

This is why Kin Travel resonates with me.

So if you’re trying to decide where to vacation next and want to have a meaningful adventure while exploring a new land, check out Kin Travel. This is your chance to expand your appreciation for life through exploration. And in doing so you will be giving back directly to the local community. That is what being a citizen of the world is all about.

Check out Kin Travel and book your next trip on their website, and follow them on Instagram.


Juliette Hohnen

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