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Luxury Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Luxury Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Having the right lighting is so important when designing a room!  Lighting helps create the mood and set the tone for any living space.  Fortunately, there is a huge array of styles and designs to choose from when it comes to luxury lighting.  Here are a few lighting design elements that might interest and surprise you.

Art as Lighting

Every home has lights, and most homes have some type of art on display.  But how many of us have thought to combine art with lights?  The end result can be spectacular.  In this example from the stunning estate at 2255 Verde Oak Drive in Los Feliz, California, art is juxtaposed with a light fixture to create a piece that is both riveting and illuminating, in more ways than one!

Architectural Lighting

Consider working with your architect to develop room lighting that is part of the structure of the home.  In this example from Griffin Enright Architects, the lighting becomes part of the flow of the room.  The open concept of this Los Angeles home is maintained by the sweeping light structure that is part of the ceiling.

Hidden Lighting

There are times when less is more, and rather than displaying the lighting structure, you can choose to hide it behind a fixed structure in the home to create a look that is soft and muted.  The soft glow of light from the light installation in this home at 2255 Verde Oak Drive offered a beautiful contrast to the bright rug and pop art work.

Go Big

The classic glass chandelier has been in style for centuries.  Bigger is usually better when it comes to these glass cut masterpieces.  Artisan handcrafted chandeliers from Murano, Italy, convey elegance, style and class, as this image from Nella Vetrina conveys.

Whatever your style, there is a luxury lighting option for your home.  Dream it, design it, and make it part of your home.




Juliette Hohnen

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