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Q&A with Estee Stanley | From Stylist to Celebrity Interior Designer

Q&A with Estee Stanley | From Stylist to Celebrity Interior Designer

About Estee Stanley

A native to Southern California, Estee Stanley went from fashion stylist to interior designer! Having designed homes for Patrick Dempsey, Jay Z & Beyonce and Justin Timberlake (to name only a few), you’ve probably seen her featured in noted editorials such as Forbes and Architectural Digest. I had the pleasure to meet up with her to learn more about her work that spans 15+ years. How did she do it? Read the Q&A below to find out.


Q.) You started as a stylist for Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen? How did you go from stylist to interior designing Jay Z & Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Patrick Dempsey’s houses? 
A.) Most of my clients would come to my house and I would always change my spaces. They would all ask who designed my house and it was me! So, they asked me to start designing. I basically just winged it.

Q.) How would you describe your style?
A.) Eclectic and collected… sexy yet cozy.

Q.) What is your process when working with a client?
A.) I try to act like a DJ and remix what they are thinking in their mind and bring my ideas to come up with a beautiful, fun space.

Q.) What training did you have to become an interior designer or is it the kind of career that you learn by doing?
A.) It was all learning on site! I had no prior training.

Q.) What are the secrets of design that you have learned through doing the job?  

Q.) What are your favorite things to do to a living room to freshen it up?
A.) New pillows, accessories, drapery, and possibly a new coat of paint.

Q.) Do you have a favorite paint color?
A.) Sherwin Williams Pediment.

Q.) Favorite design trend currently?
A.) Bright colors.

Q.) Do you have a favorite piece of furniture that you want to buy right now?
A.) Always and too many to list.

Q.) You also have a banana bread store and an agency for interior designers. How do you go from idea to execution and be the entrepreneur that you are?
A.) I think I love doing a bunch of different things. I am an ideas-person and I see people all of the time with great ideas. But, they don’t execute them! I like to execute and see things to the bitter end 🙂 .



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