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Stunning Ceilings to Replicate

Stunning Ceilings to Replicate

When looking for your dream home, it’s often the little details that make all the difference. Stunning ceilings are one example of a finishing touch that takes a home from mediocre to memorable.There are several gorgeous ceiling design options that make us want to look up and smile.

Ceilings don’t have to be flat!  Arches and curves elongate walls and draw your attention upward.  In this case, wood beams accentuate the lovely shape of this ceiling, and help draw your eye toward the beautiful sun light.  You can see more pictures of this stunning ceiling by visiting the listing for 9585 Hidden Valley.

We’re not talking about popcorn ceilings!  Artisans are using stucco, drywall, textured wallpaper, and a variety of other mediums to transform the blank canvas of a ceiling.  The beautiful geometric design on this ceiling is gorgeous to look at.

One of the most famous ceilings in history, that of the Sistine Chapel, is covered is priceless art.  You can create your own mini piece of art work at home by commissioning and artist to create a piece that you will treasure as long as you live in your own.  This photo shows a lovely example of ceiling art that is available for you to admire at 11531 Orum Road.  This stunning ceiling compliments the magnificent architecture of this secluded Mediterranean villa.  Click here for more photos of this dream home.

Many homes feature painted walls with a white ceiling.  Turn this practice upside down with neutral walls and a boldly painted ceiling.  The pop of green in the photo example shows how bold color instantly adds personality to any space.

Wood doesn’t only belong on the floor!  Put it on the ceiling, too.  This rustic style has been popular for a long time.  The beams break up the plain white ceiling and become a beautiful design element, as shown in the living room at 9585 Hidden Valley.

With all the options available, why would anyone settle for a dull, flat, white ceiling anymore? Be bold and express yourself with some of these stunning ceilings!



Juliette Hohnen

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