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Stunning Entry Doors

Stunning Entry Doors

It’s often said that “eyes are the window to the soul”. In the same way, entry doors are a preview of what’s inside a home.  A stunning entry door lets visitors know that the interior is well kept and inviting.  Consider the front door your first opportunity to sweep guests off their feet!

Classic Elegance

A custom door designed with wood, glass, and iron is timeless and never goes out of style. The doors at 11531 Orum Road in Los Angeles, California, offer a glimpse of the sophisticated style inside this Mediterranean villa.  Located in a wonderfully private Bel Air location, a long gated driveway leads to this stunning entry way, completely hidden from the street. Featuring high ceilings, lots of windows, and crown molding, the grand interiors are bright and airy.  With 6 bedrooms plus bonus rooms for offices or gym, the floorplan is flexible for a variety of needs. The lush backyard has a pool/spa, a flat grassy lawn and breathtaking views. Additionally, this unique property comprises two parcels, totaling over 4 acres.  Click here for more pictures and to schedule a visit.

Bold Color

One way to “wow” visitors is with a front door that is painted in a bold, unexpected color.  Color is a great way to express your personality throughout your home.  One can only imagine what is behind these bright pink doors! Designer Moses Esquenazi created this stunning entry by creating a visual contrast between the tall pink doors, the white walls, and the perfectly placed plants.

Unexpected Design

We all expect an entry door to be rectangular in shape, and to open on a hinge.  Show off your unique style with a door that does something different.  This square metal door is part of a larger frame, and it pivots to open.  The contrast of the sleek jet black stripes on the simple white wall add a touch of drama to the entryway.

Designed by Nature

Older homes are often graced with beautiful natural elements that enhance the entry door. Climbing Vines are often used to frame and highlight doors in Europe.  Vines grow quickly, but if you don’t have the time or patience for them, consider enhancing your entry doors with potted trees or plants in beautiful containers.

Whatever your style, you can express it at the entrance to your home with stunning entry doors.


Juliette Hohnen

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