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In the past year I have closed three (going on four) real estate deals with Juliette. In this market, there have been unexpected twists & turns & Juliette is always poised & ready for every challenge. She’s a rare breed of determined & fast moving, yet cool, calm & collected. She makes herself available 24/7, she never misses a beat, yet somehow manages to remain a grounding, peaceful voice of reason. Most of all, she works tirelessly to make it all happen. She will always be my real estate go-to – I can’t recommend her & her fabulous team more highly.
- Sadie A.
Juliette sold my home last year & when it came time to buy a new one, she is the only realtor I wanted to work with. She’s clearly talented, experienced, driven & educated in the market – no one checks those boxes better than her – but she is also incredibly patient, honest & a truly lovely human being. Buying & selling a home is not only a huge financial decision but an emotional one & she’s the most trustworthy soundboard…offering expert advice whenever needed. She will always tell you the honest truth. And she will do whatever it takes & go the extra mile to make your real estate dreams come true. Juliette (& her wonderful team) have earned my trust over & over. You’re in the safest hands with her!
- Julianne N.
This is my second experience working with Juliette and I can’t recommend her highly enough! She is an incredible negotiator and extremely helpful walking you through all of the details. Her team made everything easy and saved me a lot of time. Plus, she’s a lot of fun!
- Megan D.
Juliette did a masterful job representing me in the recent purchase of my home. She is very familiar with the local market. Her guidance was spot on and I trusted her judgement at critical points in the negotiation process, with excellent results. During the escrow process her team closely monitored the progress of the required steps and carefully looked out for my interests, making sure that the loan approval and other matters were on track. I am very glad that I was referred to her, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.
- Rita D.
I found Juliette to be a great agent with whom to work; very knowledgeable with respect to property market conditions, location advantages and disadvantages, and house features; honest and open with her opinions; and effective in negotiations during the entire process. I would unequivocally recommend her.
-David D.
She is actually the best! And the loveliest. I am so grateful to her for her patience and kindness and all around brilliance and handholding with me as a nervous first-timer. She was extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhood and also about construction and renovation and costs and spent extra time with me and made herself available day and night.
- Lucy W.
Juliette and her team were absolutely phenomenal. My husband and I were relocating from New York and made several trips down to LA. Each and every time, Juliette made time to show us every home on our list, blocking off several consecutive days to accommodate our tight/busy schedules. We finally  found a house we loved and Juliette made sure we got it. Her negotiation/strategy/dedication is above and beyond what one would expect from their realtor. She got us the house, negotiated a great deal, helped us with several hiccups during escrow and we closed within our timeframe. My husband and I couldn’t have been happier. She and her team, along with her recommended vendors are all spectacular. Use her and you will not be disappointed!
-Michelle S.
Juliette found me a house that was within my budget range, in the style that I wanted and in the neighborhood that I wanted when I thought all of those things were impossible. She followed it up by making the escrow process as smooth and worry-free as I could imagine. And she’s nice.
-Ben K.
From the word go, Juliette, was our fearless leader. Never filling our heads with unrealistic expectations but at the same time never settling for less than we wanted, she made it all happen behind the scenes. We are a dual entrepreneur household that means time is extremely short and so making the  process not only possible but easy on us was a combination made in heaven. We are eternally grateful for her thoughtful, comprehensive approach to making this transaction happen in a way we didn’t think possible. I would never work with anyone else!
-Courtney N.
I have done at least 15 different Real Estate transactions during my life, and Juliette is BY FAR the best Realtor I have ever worked with. She is the most professional, knowledgeable and delightful person you could ever choose to have on your side. Juliette was superb at communicating with me every step on the way, but never intrusively. I would give her my absolute highest recommendation to anyone looking to buy or sell a house anywhere in LA. I was so lucky to find her and I will NEVER use anyone else to represent me in a real estate transaction.
-Phil S.
Juliette is the bee’s knees. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the real estate market and listings in the LA area, but she also is remarkably in tune with her client’s needs and taste. Within 3-4 showings, she developed a keen sense of what I was looking for, in some ways more so than I had myself in that she was able to hone in on and articulate my core preferences with a very helpful precision. She’s also funny as hell and a pleasure to be around. Highly recommended.
-Karl B.
Juliette is the best realtor in LA. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, direct, honest, a great negotiator. She knows the market. She knows how to fight for her clients. She was very thorough in scouring the market for stuff that was available, and then when I finally found the right place, she was extremely efficient and on-the-ball — and secured a property for me in a highly competitive bid situation… she’s a class act — I can’t recommend her highly enough!
-Matthew W.

Read testimonials from sellers

From the word go, Juliette, was our fearless leader. Never filling our heads with unrealistic expectation but at the same time never settling for less than we wanted, she made it all happen behind the scenes. We are a dual entrepreneur household that means time is extremely short and so making the process not only possible but easy on us was a combination made in heaven. We are eternally grateful for her thoughtful, comprehensive approach to making this transaction happen in a way we didn’t think possible. I would never work with anyone else!
-Courtney G.
My particular transaction(s) went on for years and Juliette, with the support of her expert team, was with me at every twist and turn with each sale and purchase. Extremely competent, thorough, experienced and with a sense of humor and decency. I could not recommend them more highly!
- Leslie F.
Juliette is a joy to work with, and she and her team really dig in and do the work to represent you well. She did a great job of keeping me calm during the process.
- Buzz C.
Juliette was most insightful as to helping us price & prepare our home in Los Feliz for sale, & delighted with her help in getting our house sold.
- Louis L.
Juliette is the most knowledgable AND the most fun! She made the whole process very manageable and we got top dollar for our home that sold instantly – the first people that looked, bought it! We would hire Juliette and her team 10 times over!
- Gina Z.
As a television agent at CAA, who has been in the client service business myself for 30+ years, I can not speak more highly of Juliette and the quality of professional assistance she provided to me during the selling of my Los Angeles home. I was the beneficiary of her extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, as well as her expertise in the staging of my property to present it to potential buyers in the most desirable light. This undoubtedly contributed to receiving multiple offers during the first days on the market, as well as a higher selling price in the end. But more than that, Juliette was accessible day and night, as well as weekends, to provide me with personal assurances during a very emotional time…she has a great “bedside manner”, keeping me calm during a generally stressful time as I was moving out of state. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
-Alix H.
Juliette is passionate and honest – sometimes bluntly so, but it was refreshing to get the straight scoop rather than just telling me what I wanted to hear. She made smart choices when it came to staging the house, using relationships of hers to get me a very fair price for that important service.  Her photographer and website did a great job, crucial. What most impressed me about her was how she handled negotiations — when we got a lowball offer in a cooling market, she supported holding firm until they came up a significant amount, and we made a “take it or leave it” counter, and it resulted in an offer only a tiny amount less than asking. As the market started cooling, she was extremely determined and passionate about selling it.
-Michael O.
We listed our property with Juliette due in part to recommendations as well as the impression she made upon us with her experience and knowledge of the market. The whole process could not have been smoother and easier. We had an offer in less than a month and it was over our asking price. She and her team helped guide us through the whole process and deal with any question, concern or issue that arose. Not only was it a pleasure working with her, but I would recommend her to anyone in the Los Angeles area and wish she had a clone in other markets to help with other properties we have.
-Adam S.
We found Juliette Hohnen extremely knowledgeable about our neighborhood and the real estate market in general. She had strong contacts that helped us find a buyer who was “right” for our house. She was honest with all parties, a good listener, extremely dependable, and a savvy negotiator. She knew when to compromise, and when to stand firm. We had a buyer who was represented by aggressive real estate attorneys. During escrow Juliette solved problems that at times seemed insurmountable….she always found a way. In the end we sold our property for the asking price without ever having to even list it on the market. We would recommend Juliette Hohnen without equivocation.
-Don M.
Los Angeles. This is the third house she has sold for us within 30 days of putting it on the market. In addition to being smart and knowledgeable, she has great taste and a terrific team  who walked us through every step of the sales process painlessly. She also recommended a concierge moving expert who helped us pack and clean, making getting the house ready for closing as stress-free as possible. Whether you are looking for a family home or an investment, there is no one who knows the local market better. A true expert. 
-Erica B.
Juliette is an absolute professional in every way and a pleasure to work with. My husband and I owned a home that we had unsuccessfully tried to sell. We hired Juliette and within days, the landscaping, staging, and painting was completely handled. It was done in record time and the house turned out flawlessly. Juliette sold the house in 3 days for way over asking. We couldn’t have been happier. We’re working with her now to buy a new home and the experience is equally great. Her knowledge of the market is extensive, she has connections throughout the city, and she are her team are incredibly responsive to all communications/questions. Cannot recommend her highly enough.
-Sarah M.
Working with Juliette Hohnen and her team was an amazing experience. We got exactly what we were asking for in the time frame she had outlined with back-up offers. Everyone on her team that included Angela and Adrienne were also AMAZING. No question was ever treated as a waste of their time. I felt so well taken care of on every level by very smart thoughtful and thorough team of GREAT women!! She also hooked me up with a fantastic escrow company which took incredible care. Simply they are the best. There is a reason why she is #1 in California with Douglas Elliman and #2 in the country she delivers EXACTLY what she outlines. She is totally honest in the reality of your property which gets you both on the same page. Her negotiation skills are 2nd to none. If you are selling or buying their is no other option than Juliette in my opinion.
-Bryan R.
If you’re selling a home, especially a high-end home in Los Angeles, this note could save you a lot of time, stress, and money. Juliette showed me what an extraordinary businesswoman and a human she is. She brainstormed new and creative strategies to bring buyers into my home. They worked! Soon after, she presented me with a solid buyer’s full-price offer. Successfully selling your home isn’t about shiny flyers and flashy agents who brag about who they know and what they’ve sold. Beware, many agents serve their ego’s instead of their clients. Successfully selling your home requires an agent who puts you and your interests first and has the intellect, creativity, and unrelenting grit to deliver for you. Juliette Hohnen is that sort of agent. Hire her with confidence.
-Cynthia O.