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The Best Home Offices for Organizing

The Best Home Offices for Organizing

The new year is a great time to get organized.  Many of us work from home, or bring our work home with us regularly, so a home office is a must.  Here are five things for you to consider when designing the best home office for organizing.

Group Like Materials Together

Shelves or storage boxes are a great way to sort and organize items.  Group like items (such as disks, documents, cords, etc.) together and label the materials so you can easily find them when you need them.

Color Coded File System

Every home office has lots of paper to sort and organize.  A file cabinet is perfect for keeping various documents sorted and organized.  Color coding and labeling folders provide a quick visual cue to help you find what you need more efficiently.

Hard Floors

Having furniture on wheels, both chairs and file cabinets, will help you rearrange your space more easily.  When you’re working on different projects you can wheel the correct files to your work table.  Carpeted floors make it hard to move wheeled items around, and they’re more difficult to keep clean. Check out these gorgeous hardwood floors at 9585 Hidden Valley!

Use Space Creatively

Place shelves in unexpected places, like over the door.  Turn space under windows into storage cubicles.  Even the back of the door can be used for storage!  The curved  custom shelf at 11531 Orum is a great example of creatively using space to get organized.

Let there be Light!

You’ll get a lot more done, and you’ll enjoy your home office more, when there is lots of natural light.  Choose a room in the house that has large windows.  This beautiful expansive window at 1218 Benedict Canyon is a great example of allowing natural light into your home.  If the room you are in doesn’t have many windows, opt for beautiful home lighting to enhance the space with.

Once your home office is organized, you’ll be able to get your work done more quickly and efficiently.  And less time working in your office means more time to enjoy the other parts of your home, like the pool!


Juliette Hohnen

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