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The Juliette Interviews: The Star Science by Rob Perri

The Juliette Interviews: The Star Science by Rob Perri

I have always been fascinated with Astrology. The concept that we are all born under a set of cosmic rules that may (or may not) govern our everyday lives is mind-boggling and I’m always open to learning more about this phenomenon.

Last week, I had the pleasure of having my chart read by Rob Perri who has recently started The Star Science, a service in which he offers readings based on your natal chart, solar returns – most importantly, synastry and the way our chart interacts with someone else’s, done in a more pragmatic and scientific way.

After my reading, I was blown away and had so many questions about Rob and his approach to astrology and star science.

Here is more about what he does and the wisdom he has to offer all of us:

JH: How did you get interested in reading astrology?

RP: I came to astrology as a skeptic. The idea that everybody of the same Sun sign could be experiencing something similar seemed ludicrous to me and anyone reading into a small blurb in their daily newspaper was really just engaging in wishful thinking and a form of entertainment. In many ways, I still believe that. But I set out to learn about astrology to prove that it was nonsense and it wasn’t until I started to study it that I realized it was much more complex than just your Sun sign. The natal chart as a whole and the way it interacts with transits and progressions is significant and the exact degrees and aspects that the planets make to each other has a mathematical and scientific element to it, while also having an archetypal and mythological component.

That’s where it can become more vague and nebulous. So it’s the combination of archetypes, mythological stories, and a form of mathematics and geometry that is at the heart of what astrology is for me. I think we can all agree that, even with all of our scientific achievements, there is something extremely mysterious about life and I believe that astrology can offer some insight into what is hidden, enigmatic, and magical about the universe. On a more mundane level, the moon has an effect on the tides. A significant part of our biological make up is water so naturally the moon will have a pull on our physical structure just as it does with the ocean. Well then what about the other planetary bodies? What about their effect on us?

JH: What type of astrology readings do you offer?

RP: I offer general natal chart readings, solar returns, progressed chart analysis, and synastry readings. The synastry reading, the way your chart interacts with someone else’s, has been quite popular. People like to have more information about the nature of relationships that they’re entering into and this type of reading can certainly offer insight into potential challenges and strengths of relationship dynamics.

JH: What information do you need from someone, other than their sign, to give a proper reading?

RP: In order to provide an accurate reading, I need the DOB, exact birth time and location. The birth time is essential for a precise reading.

JH: Without giving away any secrets, can you share a bit about your specific process to reading someone’s chart?

RP: I don’t think there’s any secret to it and I try to be as scientific as possible. It’s beneficial to know if there is an upcoming transit that is challenging. It’s like a weather report. If there’s a storm on the horizon, it’s worth investing in a raincoat. What I attempt to do is illuminate for each individual their strengths and weaknesses and where their energy is best directed in this life. I like to get to know the person and assist them in becoming the best version of themselves and this type of analysis can be extremely helpful in understanding their basic nature.

JH: How do you feel people can best utilize astrology in their daily lives and spiritual growth?

RP: For some people, they just need confirmation that what they feel inside is okay and correct. Sometimes the mind can create a story that is detrimental and regressive and it can be a terrible hinderance. That voice can be loud and pervasive and horribly damaging to spiritual growth. Meanwhile, the softer inner voice, is urging you to become who you are. Meditation is a great way to quiet the ego mind and contact your intuition. I like to help people get in touch with that voice in any way I can. For instance, it might be part of someone’s life plan to explore an artistic endeavor but they’re scared because it’s uncharted territory and subsequently they stray from their path out of fear. I like to give people the courage to face these challenges head on so they can fulfill what they came here to do. The information embedded in our charts is a great way to get in touch with our destiny.

JH: In your opinion, what is the most powerful thing about astrology and having your chart read?

RP: For me, I think it’s gaining an understanding of where your soul is trying to go in this life. Each life is encoded with a purpose, some type of merit or experience that it’s attempting to attain. We may intuitively feel the call towards this but never truly actualize it out of fear or a clinging to what we already know or things that are more familiar. The Nodes of the Moon are elliptical points on the moon’s trajectory in orbit and supposedly how we incarnate into this physical realm. The North Node is where your soul is trying to go, what your attempting to attain in this life. Conversely, the South Node is where you’re coming from, things you’ve overdone or merits you’ve already gained from previous lifetimes. So there are potential gifts in the South Node area but you are meant to use them in order to move towards the more uncomfortable calling of the North Node. Some people instinctively know to move towards their North Node and are actively doing it everyday without fear or difficulty and that may be reflected in the positive aspects directed at their Nodal axis. Some people may have a restrictive influence afflicting them making it that much harder to achieve their goals. It’s beneficial to know these things. It’s possible we choose these challenges for ourselves from some plane of existence that is hidden from us in this material realm.

JH: Do people born under the same sign really exhibit the same traits or is it more than that?

RP: It’s much more than that. Your Sun and it’s sign placement are but one aspect of your chart. It’s an important aspect because it speaks to your life force and how you shine. But someone who’s Sun is in Leo in their 10th house of career will express that energy differently than someone who’s Sun is in Leo in their 4th house of home and family. To add to that, an individual may have to contend with a square from Saturn that challenges their Sun and it’s ability to express itself. This could be a life long struggle. The way the planets aspect each other is the full picture of each individual and what makes each of us unique and interesting. Basic Sun sign interpretation is but a tiny aspect of astrology and quite rudimentary. The full picture is much more complex, scientific, and fascinating.

JH: Astrology fascinates me on many levels and there are many people who see this as a tool to predict the future or measure their karmic retribution. What would you say to those who feel this way and is there any truth to any of that?

RP: I try not to make concrete predictions and just attempt to explore the energy that is coming through from moment to moment. The Universe is an ebb and flow of positive and negative forces that is constantly in flux. It makes no sense to cling to positive outcomes and avert negative ones as both are necessary and adjunct parts of life. If we’re able to see that a difficult transit is approaching we can brace for it and try to recognize its purpose. Often times people look back on difficult life experiences as essential for their growth, however, when they were going through it they were crying out “Dear God, Why me?”

If we can gain a basic understanding of the reason we are faced with challenges then we can meet them head on instead of being blindsided. By the same token, it’s nice to know when you will be having a pleasant and harmonious transit and to make the most out of it. The Sun even shines on a dog’s ass from time to time. We all go through periods when we’re looking a little sexier or we’ve focused on eating healthier or working out and it’s reflected in our outward appearance. Or we’re going through a renaissance in our career or taken a year to get in touch with metaphysical concepts.

There’s a time and a place for everything and knowing that it’s the right time for a particular endeavor can be essential in fully engaging in it. All that being said, there are certainly karmic forces at play and it can be a difficult thing to understand and predict and while I may make someone aware that karmic implications are at play, I also try not to mess with it too much. Sometimes it just needs to play itself out and that’s the best thing for all involved. We all have to pay the piper at some point.

If you’re interested in a reading, Rob can be reached through Instagram @thestarscience – give him a follow and send a direct message to set up a reading. If you don’t have or use Instagram – let me know and I will connect you.


Juliette Hohnen

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