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The Juliette Interviews: Vanessa Alexander

The Juliette Interviews: Vanessa Alexander

I meet a lot of interior designers in my profession as a real estate agent – I naturally love interior design, it is one of my passions, so I am always interested in picking the brain of each designer I meet. They all have such unique perspectives, talents and ways to approach a project. I recently interviewed Vanessa Alexander of Alexander Design Firm and here is what she had to say about her career:

JH: Do you have any design rules?

VA: The only rule I really have is to get to know my client well enough to truly understand what their goals are for how they want to live so that the home can reflect this. First and foremost, architecture and design aesthetic should facilitate and augment lifestyle. If not, it won’t be successful in my opinion.

JH: How would you describe your aesthetic?

VA: In a sense it’s an offshoot of the above meaning chic and elegant yet livable and comfortable. I call it low-key luxury which is a little simplified but I think it’s a easy way to put it. With that comes a home that doesn’t feel over designed or overly precious, but is still full of history and personality and lives successfully on all levels – Public vs. Private. Personal vs. Professional.

To answer more directly – I would say my style is modern in the way it lives but draws from many periods and styles to create a fluid overall theme. I adore textures and often use light and ethereal elements juxtaposed again metals, leathers and ancient elements that give depth and weight.

JH: What inspires you?

VA: Nature and travel!

JH: What trends do you seeing in the future for design?

VA: Intimate spaces. I think even the wealthiest client wants homes that feel like places of joy where they can create and share happiness with family and friends especially in these crazy crazy times we are in.

JH: Do you ever use vintage pieces and where do you find them?

VA: Yes. Auction or first dibs.

JH: What is your favorite furniture store?

VA: Galerie Half and Carpenters workshop for inspiration and ultimate curation. These are two of my favorites among many!

JH: What was your favorite project to work on?

VA: Ayay. Can’t say that. I have truly loved so many of the products we worked on – I farm on with each new one. I’m full of pride each time. Recently we first finished a Ricardo Legoretta reconceive in Brentwood which has not yet been published and I think it’s exquisite.

JH: If there was something you could tell your younger self when it comes to what you do, what would that be?

VA: Sounds like a cliche but always trust your gut – it’s right. Overthinking can often lead to insecurity and you got into this business because your instincts were right – so don’t question them.

If you would like to learn more about Vanessa and her firm, visit alexanderdb.com or follow on Instagram.


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