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Unbuilt: A Wonderful Solution, An Unnecessary Problem

Unbuilt: A Wonderful Solution, An Unnecessary Problem

As a real estate agent and designer/house flipping, I’ve seen a construction site or two. Piles of wood, buckets of nails, bags of concrete – much of it, in an unfortunate turn of events, goes to waste. In an age where we are finally getting conscious of how important it is to be eco-conscious and environmentally friendly with all that we engage in my friend Matt Kennedy has started this incredible new company which is both environmentally conscious and perfect for those of you renovating on a budget.

Unbuilt is a marketplace for unused construction materials and merchandise. They source inventory from builders, designers and property owners who often have items left over after their jobs.

By curating and reselling this inventory to the public at discounted prices, they enable their customers to “Build Up,” using beautiful, high-quality materials that would otherwise be beyond their budget.

I love progressive companies that solve more than one problem. Matt estimates that 10% of all building materials ordered each year remain unused in final construction. Much of this waste is high quality and reusable, but difficult for builders and property owners to monetize.

Unbuilt helps clients and customers save money and the environment by reselling and reusing much of this inventory. They also facilitate removal and recycling of lower value items that won’t sell in store.

If you are looking for high-quality building material at a fraction of the cost, visit unbuilt.co – you’ll be saving money while also saving our fragile environment. It’s a win-win!


Juliette Hohnen

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