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Simplicity in the Home – Less is More

Simplicity in the Home – Less is More

Minimalism in home design sometimes gets a bad rap.  Some see minimalism as stark, empty, and lifeless.  The truth is quite the opposite!  Minimalism, or encouraging “less is more” in the home, actually helps us focus more on the things we love.  By showcasing our treasures and removing the clutter we can create spaces that we truly love and enjoy being in.  Here are five tips to start on the path to a decluttered home.

Pick the Best

You probably won’t have to do “eenie meenie miney mo” to decide which items in your home are your favorites.  Choose some of your most treasured possessions, whether they are photos, family heirlooms, or handmade gifts, and turn them into focal points.  Display the things you love, and start getting rid of the rest.  Spend ten minutes each weekend removing unused or unloved items from your home, and place them in a box.  When the box is full, donate the items.

Keep Things Simple

Items that look the same or have similar shapes or sizes create the appearance of order and cut down on a cluttered look.  This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy everything new and matching!  Use boxes, bins, trays, and other organizers to house your contents in a way that creates a sense of cohesiveness.

Go Digital

Technology has made it extremely easy to streamline our lives.  The connected home has made it possible to have a “remote control for your life”, or one device that will help you manage several aspects of both your home and your life.  We recently reviewed the differences between Amazon Echo and Google Home which are two digital voice assistants that you may want to consider as you look for ways to simplify your life and home.

Consider Your Space Needs

Do you have too much home?  Or maybe not enough?  If your home is very large, it can be tempting to purchase items just to fill up space.  When your home is too small, not having space to store everything will create clutter.  Make a list of your home and storage needs, and determine whether it might be time to consider a new space.

Make Your Home Fit Your Life

Do you live with pets or young children?  Then ditch the fragile decor and opt for low maintenance, easy to clean furnishings and decor.  Do you love to cook?  Organize your kitchen and pantry in a way that makes items easy to access so you’re not always digging and looking for things.

A simplified home doesn’t have to be sparse and cold; it should be a reflection of you and the things you value.  By focusing on the things you love and cutting out the clutter you can eliminate a lot of stress and extra work at home!


Juliette Hohnen

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